What Qualifies Me to Paint Houses?

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So just exactly what qualifies me to provide interior house painting instructions? I have been a professional house painter since 1970. I started painting as a child, and during college I made money painting during the summers. When I graduated in 1970, I painted many of the houses in my neighborhood, then moved on to paint other structures. I worked for other painting contractors and then started my own house painting business. I worked with professional house painters with varying degrees of experience, and with different methods of preparation and application of various types of home paint. I really don’t think that there is any question that I can’t answer about house painting. I have painted countless homes and commercial structures. I learned a great deal from other house painters, and I am always learning more. I am an expert on house painting preparation. In addition to learning from other professional house painters, I learned a great deal more just by preparing and painting myself. I can prepare any home for painting, including sealing cracks, holes, gaps and everything else involved in house painting preparation. I went through countless five gallon cans of joint compound and spackle and hundreds and hundreds of gallons of paint. I have painted with all types of house paint, including latex, oil, epoxy, zylene based and other coatings. I worked in body shops and repaired and painted cars and trucks. Car painting is a fine art. In addition to residential interior house painting, I have painted huge malls, churches, schools and factories. I once had over 2000 apartment units under contract. The apartments all had to be painted when tenants moved out. The apartment painting was a lot of fun. I have brushed, rolled, and sprayed my way through life. In short, I know how to paint, and it thrills me to help others learn how to do interior house painting in the best ways possible, and save a LOT of time in the process. I can also be very helpful to professional house painters and contractors. What drove me to put up this interior house painting blog was reading and seeing interior house painting instructions by others. Don’t get me wrong, there are some excellent instructions out there, all correct and useful for interior house painting jobs. But there is a lot of bad advice and misinformation. Also, much of what I have come across in interior house painting instructions is correct and good, but only TOO thorough. The instructions, if followed, will produce excellent results, but there are ways to really save time painting. I really want to help people to produce excellent, long lasting results, but also save time painting in the process. I hope I can be of some help to you.

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