Writing a blog

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I read all of the comments for http://www.interiorhouseblog.com There is a common thread. My readers want to know where I got the appearance for my blog. I use a standard wordpress template. I keep everything simple.

The next biggest concern is who my web host  is. My readers say my site loads very quickly on all their devices. http://secure.hostgator.com/~affiliat/cgi-bin/affiliates/clickthru.cgi?id=edkimble an affiliate for my web host, please use the link to my host, as I receive a small commission as an affiliate.

The third and final concerns comments from aspiring bloggers looking for tips. It is most beneficial for them to take an English composition, followed by an expository writing course. There are many other concerns for an aspiring blogger. First, make sure all your spelling is correct

Next, make a list of all the facts you want to cover, Then make an outline out of these facts. Make sure everything in your outline is correct. Then you may have to rearrange your outline before you begin writing the first post for your blog. Only then can you begin writing.

After you make your outline, you should have one or several paragraphs to write. Be consistent. Put transitions between your paragraphs. For example if you are writing an article on painting kitchen cabinets, the first paragraphs may end with “Now that you have prepared your cabinets, it is time to paint.” And the next paragraph may start “Your cabinets have been prepared, so you can start painting.”