Always Do This First

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Before even considering doing an interior house painting job you should walk through the area to be painted with your customer. During this inspection point out any paint that is in places where paint doesn’t belong. Look at all of the carpet, tile, or natural wood floor to find any paint spots. Frequently, paint can be found along the baseboards of the room. Also look for scratches on the wood or tile floor. Check wallpaper, counter tops, and any areas where there should not be any paint. Check all natural wood trim and doors for any paint. Look for spatters of paint on all of the floors.

As you inspect the area to be painted for any unwanted paint, also check the contents of the room. Look carefully at the furniture in the room to see if there are any cracks or cuts on any of it. Check for any flimsy or loose furniture which might be damaged or ready to fall apart, especially when moved. Sliding furniture across the carpet can buckle the carpet. Point out any “hills” in the carpet that already exist. Look at the decorations in the area to be painted. Inspect any knickknacks or other decorations for damage or cracks. Also note any cracked windows or cut screens. In our walk through inspection we are just pointing out any paint spots or damage in the area to be painted before we even start painting so that we are not blamed for any irregularities that we did not cause on our interior house painting job. Believe it or not, the people living in the home to be painted may not even be aware of these things. They are easily overlooked until the final inspection of the area after the painting is complete. This is the time that the customer looks at every little detail and may find things that are overlooked in the normal course of things.

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